The roadmap for developing your sales! The standards of the Sales Standards Foundation provides you an internationally acknowledged and valued reference framework for developing sales careers. The independent foundation aims at helping you and your organization to develop to your sales force towards world class sales, best in class or as you like it the quality sufficient for your purpose.

When describing ´sales´ you often get a mixture of behavior, skills, processes, measurement, targets, methods, customer alignment, awarding/granting, money, leadership, helping customers buy, opinions, and so forth. Is it just a job or a craft? A clear and uniform image is hard to get. There is no sustainable growth path; when you dig in deeper to get a solid development path for sales, you barely can find it. There are no independent trusted levels is sales. What is a broad accepted level in sales and what is such a person capable of?

So what does that mean for the development and maturation of your sales when there is no clear picture? High training costs, low return on investments, new hires takes much longer to get up to speed, your reaction on the rapid changes in the field of sales.. Whatever your ideas, you need a solid framework to professionalize and develop your sales.

The Sales Standard Foundation provides this framework and international approved standards for many levels in sales! And you can make a profit with it.


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